Extremely Easy DIY Dried Bay Leaves Recipe

So a couple of weekends ago I was tidying the garden and cutting back our bay tree. Paul mentioned about trying to dry our own as we had run out of them in the store cupboard. It was so easy and can be done it small batches at a time so your bay leaf will always have a strong flavour unlike a large bag loosing flavour in the cupboard. The step by step guide I chose stated the bay leaves you pick need to be part of the tree that are at least 2 years old and you must only pick the dark green leaves and not the new growth (you can see the difference in colour in my pictures). The result was amazing and when I broke one of the dry leaves the smell was the most intense I have encountered.


  • Bay leaves
  • Kitchen Roll
  • A Tray


  1. Pick the dark green and over 2 year old bay leaves
  2. Lay a baking tray with clean kitchen paper and place the leaves on top without them touching each other
  3. Put in garage or another aerated place not in direct sunlight
  4. Leave for 1-2 weeks, you know they are ready as they would of lost thir shine and will all be the same colour without any dark patches left (ours took 2 weeks)
  5. Store in air tight container or bag until you need to use them.

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