Smoked Salmon Salad with Lemony Baked Courgettes and Caper Berries

As snowdrops are flowering and daffodils are starting to shoot. I decided to make myself a nice zingy and light salad. I always associate courgettes with summer so thought I would use them to give myself hope that winter will be over soon. This definitely reminded me of summer and holidays. It was yummy and…

Smoked Salmon and Burrata on Toast with Capers

Oh yes creamy burrata indulgent salmon and lots of pepper. This is such a yummy brunch lunch or light dinner. It would also be perfect for Christmas breakfast. The burrata takes it up a notch along with the watercress and salty capers. Ingredients (serves 2) Directions

Smoked Salmon Pasta with a Caper, Lemon and Parsley Sauce

This is such a great dinner when your tired and just want something tasty and quick. The sauce is great and skinny as you don’t use milk or cream. The flavours are classic, I am so partial to a bit of 80’s parsley sauce and just spruced it up. Ingredients Directions

Zingy Smoked Salmon Pate on Whole Wheat Toast Recipe

Tis that time of year soon (excited) when we will end up with leftovers of meat and for some of us salmon. I love pate on toast and this salmon pate worked a treat. I love the kick you get from the horseradish and the zing from the lemon juice and zest all lifted with…