Lemony Kale Salad with Crispy Parma Ham

I love crispy parma ham, they are like the best crisps ever I could eat a whole bag if they were. Its great as you can just pop them in the air fryer. We all know kale is good for us but im not keen just having it on its own (unless its kale crisps)….

Squash Gnocchi with Black Pudding, Mushroom and Kale

Sometimes you just fancy a quick one pan dinner that is still really tasty. This is just that. These were ingredients I had knocking about in the fridge from a fry up and salad. They all worked really well together and it was delicious. Instead of black pudding you could use sausage as black pudding…

Jersey Royal Potato and Kale Curry

So I’m making the most of the jersey royal season. I have had them in salads with fish and thought they would be perfect in a curry as they don’t go mushy. I was right they worked perfectly in this curry. I love spices so I added all my favourites and it was so tasty….

Chicken, Pancetta, Mushroom and Kale Topped Jacket Potato

I find jacket potato a nice comforting weekday dinner, I also fancied a nice healthy comforting topping and this ticks all the boxes. Chicken, bacon and mushrooms is one of my favourite combos. it’s jazzed up with the sage and kale to add that final flourish. Ingredients (serves 2) 1 packet of smoked pancetta or…