Chilli and Herb Baked Feta Cheese Recipe

This really transformed a block of feta. It made the feta light and fluffy and tasted delicious served warm. The herbs and chilli flakes didn’t overpower it at all. I have made it twice now the first time I spread it on bread and the 2nd time I just added it to a tomato salad….

Roasted and Spiced Sweet Potato Dip Recipe

So we had some leftover baked sweet potatoes from one of our dinners and I didn’t want to see them go to waste so I had a look online and saw a recipe for a sweet potato dip. It was a really good idea, I spiced it up a bit and enjoyed it very much….

Easy Chilli and Lime Crab Salad Recipe

Lucky for us in the UK our summer weather is hanging on, what could be nicer than a very quick, easy, light crab salad which doesn’t lack in flavour, served with a nice glass (or two) of cold wine, sat in the garden, heaven for me! This salad would be great for work or as…

Chilli Con Carne with Baked Nacho’s and Melted Cheese Recipe

I love comfort food and dishes that satisfies you the night you eat it but also freeze’s down and tastes better second time round. Paulie’s chilli is one of those recipe’s. This served us for dinner last night, we have another portion for us both as well as a single portion if one of us…