Cheesy Indian Beans on Toast

I love baked beans (by that brand) and I love curry sauce. I decided to mix the 2 together it was so delicious. To make it even sexier I added on cheese and grilled it. This had everything in one bite. Ingredients (serves 2) Directions

Crab and Avocado Toasts

So we took the dogs to the coast for their walkies and every time we go down we treat ourselves to a fresh crab as I love them so much. This was our brunch the next day it was so delicious. I really like a mixture of brown and white meat as I think it…

Smoked Salmon and Burrata on Toast with Capers

Oh yes creamy burrata indulgent salmon and lots of pepper. This is such a yummy brunch lunch or light dinner. It would also be perfect for Christmas breakfast. The burrata takes it up a notch along with the watercress and salty capers. Ingredients (serves 2) Directions

Healthy Bacon, Tomato, Thyme and A Smidge of Cheese Open Omlette

Omelettes are a quick healthy and versatile back up meal for breakfast lunch or dinner. You can practically add anything to them, as I wanted mine to be healthier I used a strong flavoured hard cheese and used the parmesan grater so it sprinkled over the whole omelette using at least half the amount of…