Store Cupboard American Style Pastrami Salad

So Paulie is in London today so I have to fend for myself this lunchtime, luckily I have picked up tips from the lunches he makes. This took me 5 minutes to prepare. We had some left over pastrami and salad leaves and the rest is store cupboard ingredients. I would recommend everyone keeps jars of Italian goodies like pickled wild mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and olives. We also always have gherkins, capers and pickled onions they just lift a salad to another level. The gherkins in this one are bourbon and mustard seed American gherkins from marks and spencer speciality department they are so yummy, I also shaved some Parmesan over the top. It’s like eating a deli pastrami sandwich without the calories …. Delicious!

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