Herb Crusted Lamb Rump, Brussel Sprouts and Red Wine Gravy


So as a child, Lamb was my all time favourite roast. As we were a family of 5 my mum used to roast a shoulder or leg, but now it is only me and Paulie, we have tried and worked our way through different smaller cuts. We tend to have the shoulder or leg only now and then and Paulie cooks it for a long time with a spiced rub (recipe to follow). For a regular mini roast as I like to call it we have a Rump or a Rack of Lamb, I am partial to a crust on top and Paulies  tastes so much better than the butcher prepared crusts, I think we both agree this is our favourite mini roast. We vary the accompaniments as to what is appealing in the shop and our potato element is mixed up by sometimes having roasties, boulangerie or simple mash like we did for this recipe. We were also lucky to find brussel sprouts as I love to drag out the season as long as I can. They get such bad press but that was when our mothers/grandmothers over cooked them. Paul blanches the Brusselsprouts and then immediately transfers to chilled water and when ready he then sautees them with pancetta and chestnuts … Yum yum, little green mini cabbages a million miles away from farty soggy mush!

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