My Home Grown Mushrooms

So being a foodie Paulie bought me one of those grow your own mushroom kits so I thought I would share the progress with you. The kit came with a bag of compost and the mushroom spores which looked like a cobweb really, all you have to do is spread the compost over the spores and spray twice a day and you then have your own wonderful mushrooms. I think there is always satisfaction eating something you have given love and attention too. We have eaten one already on a homemade pizza which was yummy it has much less moisture than supermarket mushrooms. 

  Well here is some more progress on my little lovely brown goodies. At first I put them in the dark as the instructions stated no direct sunlight and the growing process was slow. Paulie diplomatically (as he usually knows best) suggested I move them to the windowsill and they had a major growing spurt as you can see below. I can’t wait to try them I think they will be ready by the weekend! 

  So I have picked them and Paulie is using them tonight in a beef stew (recipe to follow tomorrow but it’s smelling good already) I thought I would share the final picture before they are cooked up so here you go and I will let you know how they taste tomorrow in the stew recipe.


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