Mediterranean Halloumi Salad and Herb Dressing

I love dried herbs they add flavour to anything. My favourites are oregano, thyme and rosemary. When I was in Greece they served a salad dressing like this over their feta Greek salad. I used halloumi in mine but I tried to recreate the dressing and it was yummy. Ingredients (serves 2) For the Salad…

Feta, Olive and Tomato Salad with a Herb and Lemon Dressing

I got some really good quality feta cheese and olives from a farmer’s market so I wanted to use them in a simple way. The dressing matches the flavours perfectly. I didn’t toss the feta or olives in the dressing as I wanted to keep their flavour fresh. All the other ingredients really complimented everything….

Tuna and Chickpea Salad with an Olive and Caper Dressing

Tuna is a great store cupboard ingredient to knock up a salad, most of the ingredients came out of my cupboard which means it’s great to knock up if you forgot to plan your lunch. The dressing is salty and works well with the tuna. I cut through this with the lemon juice and zest….

Smoked Garlic Olive Tapenade Recipe

I love bread and butter but I fancied something with a bit more flavour. Earlier in the year we went to Lake Garda in Italy and I bought a few vacuum packs of olives. As I had only got round to using one so far I thought it is about time to use up the…

Red Mullet on a Red Pepper, Tomato, Olive and Basil Stew Recipe

This dinner is healthy, simple but really tasty. I think red mullet is an under rated fish, it’s funny because I don’t like the grey variety as they taste a bit muddy. To keep it on our 5:2 diet we served the fish with a stew and alongside whole wheat couscous. The flavours are really…