Twice Cooked Sticky and Tender Chinese Pork Belly

What’s not to like about this recipe, soft tender pork meat it’s caramelised crispy fat bits and a delicious sauce that the rice can soak up. I’m not keen on the chewy skin on pork belly in Chinese recipes as it isn’t cooked like crispy crackling. Removing it still leaves a fat layer that you…

Rick’s Malaysian Beef Rendang Recipe

One Christmas I got Rick Stein’s Far eastern Odyssey cookbook and dvd. When I saw the rendang I thought it looked amazing. I like this Malaysian version as the curry is much wetter and I love sauce. The beef just melts in your mouth and the heat and spice in the curry is just right….

Melt in the Mouth Asian Brisket Recipe

This was so yummy and extremely tender. The asian flavours worked so well and baking it made it so sticky and sweet. The sauce you get is so moorish and tasted so good over the rice. The brisket just melts in your mouth and the aromas while it was cooking made my tummy rumble ….

Pot Roast Beef Brisket with a Caramilised Onion Gravy Recipe

This melted in our mouth’s. This dinner was tasty, the onion gravy added a lovely sweetness and the smells from the kitchen were divine. This is ideal if you fancy a cheaper dinner that has all the traits of a yummy beef roast. Recipe adapted from BBC Food. Ingredients (serves 2 use 1kg for 4)…

Sticky and Tender Chinese Char Siu Style Ribs Recipe

One of my treat dinner’s is ribs and chips. These ribs were amazing and I always think they come out more tender and juicy if you slow braise them first then crisp them up at the end. Char siu pork is one of our favourite’s from the chinese so we thought we would try those…